Children's Room Trends for 2019

At Reroom we’re trying really hard to balance our need for following the latest trends to sticking with trends that will last as long as you love your room.

We get drawn to some that we love but don’t think they’ll last long enough to take you through the years you are going to want to live with your lovely new room. Terrazzo for example has been coming through for a while but it’ not an avenue we feel the need to explore.

We’re desperate to get on with our rooms by trend but feel we have more children’s rooms we want to explore and create before we get into a more grown up world.

Mermaid trend still strong!

We’ve been looking at what’s coming through and were excited by the scalloped chairs and mermaid scales we are seeing as we’ve already ticked that box (we're obviously ahead of the trend!). Our Mermazing wallpaper is already a best seller and as the mermaid trend is still top of the list, we're hoping it will continue!

Mermazing Mermaid Wallpaper:

Mermazing Wallpaper

MyShell Scalloped Chair:

Mermaid Scalloped Chair

Sustainable interiors

Something that we’ve seen for a while and would love to embrace is sustainable interiors. More and more people, including us, want to take responsibility for our children’s futures and are looking for sustainable products, plastic alternatives and more sustainable packaging. There’s an earthy / organic trend coming through which has been driven by this demand. Organic cottons, wood, cardboard used cleverly, recycled materials and no toxins are being used more and more. We also try to source from suppliers who have a solid environmental ethos and make sure every step of the manufacturing process and all raw materials are traced. Lorena Canals are a great example of an ethical manufacturer. They use organic cottons, natural dyes and have social responsibility, giving back to social projects in India and across the world with their profits.

Lorena Canals Green Leaf Storage Basket:

Lorena Canals Green Basket

Lorena Canals Galaxy Interiors Bundle:

Lorena Canals Space Bundle

Sports Luxe

We’re loving the new sports trend that seems to be making an appearance. It is futuristic / unisex and super sleek with lots of high shine and neon. We’ve been talking of a sports room for a while but didn’t want it to be too obvious or young. We think this look will work for younger children as well as teens and even grown ups depending on your spin on it.

Sports Luxe TrendImage Credit:

Stars and Constellations

We think our favourite trend forecast is stars and constellations. We have a nod to it with our ‘Launch’ bedroom and the space theme but think more grown up and more stars would be positively dreamy. Watch this space!

These notebooks are perfect inspiration for the stars and constellations trend. 
Available from

Stars and Constellations Trend

Our Blue Moon Dome glow in the dark clock looks great in a child's or more grown up room:

Blue Moon Dome Clock

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