How To Make Mermaid Pancakes

We love pancakes and we love mermaids so it seemed only natural that on Pancake Day we make mermaid pancakes. We enlisted the help of 11 year old Beatrix, pancake aficionado and star baker...


We use the 1,2,3 pancake mix method:

100g of plain flour

2 eggs

300ml of milk

You'll also need food colouring, a pancake mould and fruit or Nutella or whatever you choose to eat your pancake with.


Make a well in the flour and add the eggs. Beat to make sure they mix together. Then slowly add the milk whilst still whisking. Keep whisking until the mixture is fully combined and there are no lumps.

Separate the mixture into different bowls and add food colouring.

Get your pan nice and hot and put some grease in it (we use coconut fry light spray) 

Add some of the mixture to the mould and let it cook for a few minutes either side.

Serve them up with your favourite filling and a sprinkle of icing sugar.


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