Interior Trends 2019

Trends are fine in fashion but as far as interiors go you’ve got to be careful. Thanks to social media we are seeing constant interior loveliness. We love a refresh and sometimes a complete revamp but we also want it to last.

At reroom we want to see new ways to decorate but we also try and choose the interior trends that we know will keep us happy for years. We think it’s particularly important with more expensive items that first and foremost you choose what you love. A good example is velvet – I personally have velvet in my home and always have. I may add extra cushions and curtains this year and I doubt I’ll take any of them away when it falls out of favour, I have it because I love it. It’s up to you whether you add and take away or whether, like me you update with items you know will be around a long time.

We love that monochrome is still very much with us, and that warmer neutrals are being used – always loved a beige!

Our favourite interior trends for 2019


As I’ve already touched on, velvet has been around a really long time and to be honest we have velvet in our homes just because we love the warmth, the movement and the luxury. Plus, I love the fact that now my children are a little older I don’t need wipeable surfaces!

We love the reroom chaise and orbit chairs – in a gorgeous crushed velvet but if you don’t want to go full sofa velvet maybe just some lovely cushions – these from cox and cox are a gorgeous colour for 2019 too. And the ottoman from graham and green is the perfect addition to a room.

Velvet Cushion

Image: Cox and Cox

Velvet Ottomans

Image: Graham and Greene


Now, I put this one in the trends we’ll be watching for our children’s rooms but love it so much I’ve had to add it to the general 2019 post as well. I know this is titled constellations but I’m including stars as they have been all over fashion for a while and like all good fashion trends is diluting into interiors. I also love stars! You could keep it simple by adding this Lorena Canals Star Cushion available on our site. Looks good in one colour or a few different colours together.

Star Cushions

If you really love this trend you could go full out with it:

Constellation Interiors

Image: Architectural digest

Living Walls/ Vertical Gardens

We love the greenery and foliage that we’ve seen in recent years and living walls is a fantastic move on. We think this is popular because people love to bring the outside in. In the UK especially we tend to migrate indoors in the colder, darker months so having flowers and leaves indoors is a great way to get some enjoyment of the great outdoors.

We are working hard to source our very own vertical gardens but John Lewis have a fantastic artificial example.

John Lewis Vertical Garden

Image: John Lewis

Living Wall

Image: Pinterest

Dark Kitchens

Kitchens are an investment so they have traditionally been pretty safe. We are seeing them becoming more exciting now, think patterned tiles, two tone cabinets, or if you love your safe kitchen then maybe add some colourful accents.

Darker kitchens have been coming through more and more and it isn’t going to slow in 2019, we will see an increase in green cabinets moving away from blues.

Dark Green Kitchen

Dark Kitchens

Image: elledecorationuk Instagram


We have been told time and time again that our throwaway society is having a massive impact on the planet. From reducing waste in the home to recycling and also using recycled products. It will be a slow process but if everyone makes an effort then we might save our earth for future generations. It’s everything from the materials, to the manufacturing process and the airmiles. We have to trust the brands we use to take responsibility for their supply chain and materials but we have found in general that European suppliers are forward thinking. Many re-use wasted heat from their machines to heat the offices for example.

We are seeing a changing trend in education as well – think Forest schools and getting children outside to learn. (Not sure I’d convince my children into this one, we live in the very cold and wet North of England!)

Reducing plastic waste is top of the list and companies are becoming more socially responsible where plastic is concerned. Toys, kitchen ware, furniture and many more household items are all seeing a revamp with a focus on different, eco-friendly materials. Cotton is being used more and more and wood is such a versatile material. I have seen some lovely wooden plates for children that are perfect. We do need to set our children an example though, no plastic straws or toys. We love these 'Lunchies' re-usable sandwich wraps we found from blogger MummyOptimist. You wrap your sandwiches in them and wash them with the sandwich box at the end of the day. They can also go through the washing machine.

Lunchies reusable sandwich wraps

Many of our suppliers are so conscious of the environment and we love our Leaf Baskets by Lorena Canals which provide storage for all kinds of things such as toys, magazines, bedroom accessories and even plants. Made from 100% recycled cotton, the baskets are also machine washable so they're practical too! Made with non-toxic and non-polluting dyes they are also environmentally friendly.

Lorena Canals Leaf Baskets

Interior trends to watch

Sport/ futuristic

We have seen this around and even though it may not be a huge trend it will be because it hasn’t been backed. It is strong and we can see a real benefit to going with this one. We are thinking clean lines, high shine – even gloss, pops of accent colour – neon if you’re feeling really brave. It’s very fluid and we love it. We have been throwing ideas around the office a lot recently about doing a couple of unisex teenage rooms and one of them may well have a nod to this trend with some of the amazing new furniture we are seeing come through with built in chargers and speakers. 

Sports Luxe trend

Modern Floral

What’s not to love about this? We may be biased as we just love flowers but to be honest they’ll never really go away – I’ve mentioned before how we love to bring the outside in so an element of organic will always be around. Osborne and Little have really hit the nail on the head with their magnolia frieze. Think dark, moody, large flowers. Gorgeous! We would love to go full steam ahead and do a modern floral room. It is certainly on our to do in the near future. Writing about this also gives us chance to show you the gorgeous work of Ellie Cashman.

This time think polished concrete, vintage florals or organic silhouettes if you don’t want anything too in your face. If you don’t want dark then go for a softer colour palette with pinks and greys.

Magnolia Frieze

Image: Osborne and Little

Floral Cushion

Image: Cosy Home Blog

Ellie Cashman Floral Wallpaper

Image: Ellie Cashman

Retro Geo

Geometrics have been coming through for such a long time that it feels a bit like I’m cheating even adding it as a trend but this is moving it on a little bit. We’re seeing textured patterns, rich earthy colours with the addition of sleek accents of high shine metallics. Brass fits in here really well. 

Retro Geometric Stools

Image: Anthropologie

Retro Geo Cushion

Image: Rose and

Retro Geo Cabinet

Image: Swoon


Whether it’s peacocks themselves, peacock feathers or peacock tones this isn’t an emerging trend, again it’s been on the periphery for a while but the (male!) peacock is a symbol of natural beauty so why not translate it into our homes.

Peacock wallpaper

 Image: Little Greene

Peacock Interior Trend

Image: Pinterest

Trends to take or leave


This one doesn’t sit with me. It’s a little too fussy and detailed but it is a matter of taste. This is a mountain feel with earthy faded colours. Think vegetable dyes. Lots of hand prints and woven patterns with tufted tassel effects. 

Prairie Interior Trend

Image: Mood Fabrics

Boho nomad

Travelling is always a massive inspiration for interiors. If I was to bring another country’s theme to my house I would want it to be a country that I loved, was close to my heart and a theme I could live with for a long time. This year seem to be influenced by India, Mexico and Oriental themes. Combine this with a bit of chintzy florals and some deep berry shades and you can go for the homely traveller look. You’d keep existing floral patterns and add on accessories picked up on your travels.

Boho Interiors Trend

Image: Cosy Home

Colours for 2019

Predominant colours we'll see this year include zingy yellow, olive green, rich earthy tones, rose gold, burgundy, berry, blush pink and brass. The grey and pink trend continues from last year.

Zingy Yellow

Blush and Brass

Image: Cox and Cox

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