Kids Double Bedding

We've seen a new trend in people searching for kids double bedding recently. It's a sign of the times that so many parents are now investing in double beds for their children earlier. We aren't sure why - perhaps it's a comfort thing, more room to spread out (as my children seem to like doing) or perhaps it's the recent discussions around co-sleeping and how it's not actually such a bad thing to share a bed with your children. And of course it's much easier to share a double bed rather than squeeze into a sleepless night in a single?

Whatever the reason, there is a high demand for kids double duvet covers so we set about looking for some double bedding for children that was just that. Not adults bedding that will just 'do' or plain coloured bedding that will just 'match'. 

We found the Snurk range of kids double bedding sets and we instantly loved them. These are not only perfect for children, but are also quirky enough for fun adults who like to be a bit different. 

They feature a range of really detailed, photographic prints that, when in bed, make your children look like they are the character. The pillows have also been designed to add to the fun. The duvets will have your children racing to their beds at bedtime and inspire wonderful dreams

They have a selection of fantastic boys double duvets including a pirate, footballer, dinosaur, robot, firefighter, shark, rocket, astronaut and a knight. While the girls double bedding sets include a ballerina, princess, fairy, show-jumper, mermaid and unicorn. (although there is of course nothing wrong with a boy having a princess and a girl having a footballer!).

They're all made from 100% organic cotton in Portugal and available as single bedding sets as well double.

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