Let's Go Outdoors

We had the warmest February EVER. I didn’t even need to wear a coat into work most mornings. Lovely! And although March was a bit crazy up here in the North with a mix of warm temperatures one minute to snow the next, Spring is definitely in the air and even though there may still be colder weather to come for now it is making me want to get outside and sweep the patio, sort the planters and feed the birds!

We have some gorgeous products that will encourage your children to go outside with you while you are having an outdoor spring clean. And with the awareness of conserving our natural habitat growing, these items will not only help you keep your children busy and encourage them to get outdoors, they will help them get closer to nature and the creatures in their garden as well as provide shelter and food to help those little creatures.

• Our Springwatch Birdwatching Kit is perfect and costs just £12. It’s got some mini binoculars, spotter sheet, stickers, notepad and pencil – everything they need to keep a lookout for the difference species you have in your garden. It also comes with a camouflage net to build a den for added fun.

Springwatch Birdwatching Kit

• We’ve also got a First Birdbox Kit – at £20 this is a great present. It was developed under licence with BBC Earth and Springwatch and enables your child to build their own birdbox for you to site outside. Designed to attract a variety of birds, the standard 28mm hole opening is suitable for Great Tits, Pied Flycatchers and Tree Sparrows, but can be reduced to 25mm using the plate included making it great for Blue, Coal and Marsh tits. The top panel is also removable to attract robins, Britain's favourite bird.

First Bird Box Kit

• If you prefer watching the squirrels, we have a Squirrel Feeder at £20 to put on a tree and watch the squirrels see the nuts through the clear Perspex and work out how to lift the lid to get them out.

Squirrel Feeder

• We love hedgehogs and are supporters of the hedgehog preservation society. The hedgehog population is declining so as a nation we need to a bit more aware of what to do if we have a hedgehog in our garden and what we can do to help slow or stop this decline. We sell an Igloo Hedgehog House that encourages hedgehogs to stay safe and not house themselves in a box that may be disposed or or a bonfire. It’s big enough to house more than one hedgehog and a feeding/ water bowl too. The best things to offer are Hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or complete cat biscuits. The only drink that should be offered is water (especially in dry weather and when offering dry food).

Hedgehog House

• You might want to do your bit for bee conservation. This lovely Bee and Insect House will look good and help you to do just that. Solitary bees can lay their eggs in the chambers.

Bee House

• If you want to add a real feature to your garden and educate your children on mini beasts then we have a Minibeast Study Seat. It is perfect for children and adults alike who love nature and want to learn in a fun and really educational, interactive way. Made with solid FSC certified timber, the study seat features two areas for natural habitat along with a pack of wildflower seeds to sow and attract butterflies and insects. The central seating area lifts to reveal an insect study farm with a Plexiglas viewing window and movable channel and tubes so you can have a birds eye view of insects making their homes and living as they would in the wild.

You also receive species guides and hand carved vegetable marker stickers for a completely immersive educational experience.

Minibeast Study Seat

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