Why oh why did we start a business?

So - there we were, bumbling along, madly trying to perfect the unperfectable juggling act of children, hard working husbands and jobs. Balls were dropping and memories were slowly being hacked away at due to the sheer volume of things to remember.

One evening in 2016 we were having a rare half hour sitting next to a swimming pool, overheating, watching our crazy beautiful third children desperately trying to learn front crawl, laughing at young Hughie singing ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie before jumping into the pool, full of drama.

We were talking about trying to perfect their individual bedrooms which we had been completing based on one element, Hughie’s was cars, Rose’s was fairies. We had found something we both loved to base the rooms around but couldn’t find complimentary items to complete the room without them being ‘matchy’ or completely not matchy! And so Reroom was born. Or rather the idea of it. The name itself is a whole other blog post of frustration, balled up paper and lots of coffee.

Todays vibe - lots of coffee

In the beginning we pinned, emailed potential suppliers, trawled shows and came up with a lot of lovely products that when put together just didn’t go. And so, we decided that we needed to have our ideas designed for us and started all over again handing out briefs for the 4 rooms we felt needed a brand-new design style. Luckily our first room ‘The Launch’ by chance or serendipitous circumstance had a fantastic feature wallpaper so we concentrated on this whilst waiting for the design briefs to be drawn to perfection.

The Launch Space Bedroom Inspiration

We were also trying to hold down our day jobs at this stage so there were a lot of very late nights, and much very stressed parenting while the plan came together. I will apologise in print to our children now – sorry monkeys.

There are many very funny things to look back on, that actually we may not have found so funny at the time. Bringing the lady who has pulled together our branding so perfectly into our office which was freezing and had no desks - so we sat on the floor thrashing out ideas shivering. Trying to carry many hundreds of cartons, bubble wrap and other packaging materials up a fire escape to our storage space in sub-zero temperatures and a very tight turn. Attempting to get a round chair through a teeny doorway. We ended up sitting on it while another lady from a neighbouring office advised us to maybe try it a different way (that worked). These and so many others are hopefully testament to our pure belief this will work and determination to make it.

The reroom team in the Fairy bedroom

We have huge aspirations but need to try and take things slowly. We have tried really hard to bring beautifully crafted, locally made products alongside carefully selected European made products and we hope you love it too. We can’t wait to add lounge’s, teen rooms and more to our repertoire and our ideas are endless but there are only two of us, and those pesky children still need feeding and so we are taking it one thing at a time, hopefully our initial 5 rooms are enough for a taster of the amazing things to come.

Wish us luck…….

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  • Good Luck ladies 🍀
    Wishing you all the best in your new business x


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