Why We Buy British

When we started reroom we really wanted the option to make our own products and one of our absolute priorities was having them made in the UK. There are many reasons for this: we wanted to support our local economy, we wanted to oversee our products being made, we wanted to build relationships with our suppliers and we love the idea of supporting a traditional craft being passed down through generations and our products being handmade and unique.

We firstly decided which themes we wanted to concentrate on and what would be the centrepiece of each room. The initial suppliers we found to collaborate with have amazing products, mainly sourced in the UK and Europe and they have the same ethos as us, they want to source ethically without the air-miles and produce a product of a high quality. You just don’t get that from mass produced products from the far east.

If we couldn’t find a product we liked from these suppliers, we designed it ourselves. We have found some amazing local manufacturers. The first 3 were a rug supplier, an upholsterer and a shelf manufacturer. 

A selection of our rugs, manufactured and hand carved in Lancashire. Fairy Wings rug, Anchor rug, Starfish rug, Planet rug. View all reroom rugs.

All of them thought we were slightly quirky in our style as they made products more ‘standard’ products for a bigger market. When we started talking planet rugs, round spinning chairs and rocket shelves we were at first met with a little hesitation. It wasn’t long before we were having excited discussions on how to improve designs – personalising rugs with hand carved details, putting a chair on a spinning base so it felt like the controls of a rocket and painting the shelves a silver colour so they were more space like. All 3 of these manufacturers are within a 20-mile radius of our office and showroom.

A selection of our shelves, manufactured in Lancashire. Sapling Tree Shelves, Boat Shelves, Splash Mermaid Shelves, Rocket Shelves.

British Made Shelves reroom.co.uk

Every time we design a room, we have an artist draw the elements that we think fit that theme and then source a local manufacturer to help bring them to life as cushions, blinds, prints etc. 

Original artwork for the Whaley Good room 

Original Whaley Good Artwork

Our mermaid and fairy prints were printed and then had the holographic foil hand pressed by a very talented lady based in the south of England.

Our own fairy wings were hand made by real life fairy Shelly.

Our own design toy boxes are made, upholstered and hand painted in Lancashire.

With everything happening in the political arena at the minute we believe that British made products will stand out even more once we are trading in our own right. We want to support the British industry and reduce the carbon footprint of our products as well as showcasing the amazing talents in the UK. It may cost a bit more but the quality is much higher and it will last a lot longer.

The Whaley Good bedroom featuring products made in the UK: whaley good blind, tail of the whale toy box, boat shelves, shark chair, lobster and jellyfish print, anchor rug, whale bedding and jellyfish and whale cushions. 

Whaley Good Bedroom Made In The UK

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