Your Short Guide to 2018 Interior Trends

Here at reroom we love interiors and looking at what new trends are emerging. We also feel that interiors should be something you can happily live with for years without looking dated and not something to be constantly changed. Fashion trends come and go with the season, interiors trends take a little longer to emerge and if you love a trend it can last as long as you love it.

If you aren’t ready to complete a room you can just have a refresh though and change your accessories to rejuvenate your space we have been looking at the 2018 trends we feel have some real longevity in them.


Rather than the full-on metal fest that was 2017 think accents. Metallic handles on dark wood or metallic legs on a stunning chair as below:

Metallic Accents

Image: Pinterest

This vase is the perfect way to accessorise with a hint of metallic

Metallic Vase

Image: Cox & Cox

Global / Fusion

Travel will always inspire new trends and this year it is coming through again. Think earthy shades and natural / raw textiles as well as the bright geometrics that were prevalent in 2017 still looking good.

Missoni Home have these bright throws which will revitalise a room easily

Missoni Throw

Image: Missoni Home

Cox & Cox have these beautiful candle holders which is the perfect nod to this trend

Cox & Cox Candle Holders

Image: Cox & Cox

Spa Bathrooms

We’ve all pinned beautiful spa bathrooms and dreamed, but more and more people are making that dream a reality and going all out to make their bathroom a spa like experience. Depending on whether you want a space to revitalise or a haven will depend on the look you go for and careful thought needs to be given to everything from the colour scheme to the fixtures and fittings. What better excuse for plenty of spa days for ‘research’.

Spa Bathroom

Image: Crowwood Woodland Spa

Texture / Relax

Think Rattan and Wicker furniture with a handmade feel. Leather sneaks in here in bedrooms with upholstered headboards and velvet is the fabric of choice for sofas and armchairs. Velvet looks expensive and it sometimes is but it can also be stain resistant making it practical which gets a big yes from us. We chose an amazing crushed velvet for our Laze Chaise

Laze Chaise Lounge

Image: reroom Laze Chaise

Wicker is making a comeback for 2018. And it's not in the style of grandmas old armchair. The wicker people have got stylishly creative!

Wicker Chair

Image: Pinterest

Colourful Exterior Doors

What more is there to say? Brighten up your home from the outside. We love this trend for 2018 and there are some fabulous doors and door accessories out there. People are taking their interior designs to the exterior. Start as you mean to go we say! One of our favourites is this Instagram shot from blogger Mummy Constant.

Yellow Front Door



Now is probably the time to introduce this Japanese emerging trend. It is taking over from Hygge and is about imperfections and not having everything perfect and matching. Hurrah we say! It has a calming, simple feel and allows you to embrace your aging and distressed flooring and furniture (to a point!). Using textures and understated elegance alongside your own personal style.

Think of texture and design. Use an earthy, natural colour palette alongside recycled wooden or sustainable bamboo flooring. Use a large floor cushion instead of a chair, keep design simple such as stripes and use handmade accessories.

Hands up who wants a to make their bed in the morning anyway, embrace a home to be lived in.

wabi sabi interior trend

Image: Pinterest

wabi sabi

Image: Pinterest

Statement Ceilings

Make your ceiling stand out and keep your walls neutral. A dramatic interior statement not for the faint hearted but done right can look amazing.
Whether you do it with paint, wallpaper or a mural make sure you do your research because once it’s on its hard to re-do!

You could make our launch room extra special by adding a night sky ceiling.

Statement Ceiling

Image: Pinterest


A great way to accessories your room without too much expense. Think tassles, feathers, fringing, tufting. It’ll add texture to your room and you can use cushions and wall hangings and other inexpensive accessories to make this statement.

This rug from Lorena Canals has it all – it’s washable, it fits in a mono room and could be used to accentuate an explorer themed room for a child (or grown up!) – and it has tassles!

Embellished Diamond Rug

Image: reroom: Lorena Canals Diamond Rug

Vita Feather Light

Image: reroom: Vita Eos Feather Lampshade

Bold Colour

We love the trend for rich colours if you dare. Our favourite are the inky blues but if you find it too much it is easy to accessorise.

Inky Blue Interiors

Image: Pinterest / Farrow & Ball

Inky Blue Cushion

Image: Pinterest

Still here from 2017:

• Marble. Wallpaper, tables, rugs. All still packing a punch in the interior world. Our favourite is this amazing mural. Marble is now a classic.

Marbled Wall

Image: Change Your Scenery

• Tropical prints are still going strong although rather than brights think foliage and greens. Plants, whether fake or real make a statement. Our Green Leaf Rug from Lorena Canals is the perfect nod to this trend.

Green Leaf Rug

Image: reroom: Lorena Canals Green Leaf Rug 

• Botanical prints and florals. Organic elements will always be a strong interior trend, we all love a little of the outdoors indoors. We have recently added this Aquafleur wallpaper as we love it so much.

Aquafleur Wallpaper

Image: reroom: Aquafleur Wallpaper

• Earthy Neutrals – grey was the new neutral and is now such a classic but now Sage is the new grey. Think green with grey undertones and pair it with wood and cream tones to soften & warm a space. 


Image: Pinterest

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