Colour Changing LED Lamp
Dahlia Table Lamp in the Launch Space Bedroom
Dahlia Table Lamp in Beach
Dahlia Table Lamp in Cool White
Dahlia Table Lamp in Daylight
Dahlia Table Lamp in Forest
Dahlia Table Lamp in Romantic
Dahlia Table Lamp in Sea
Dahlia Table Lamp in Tropical
Dahlia Table Lamp in Warm White
Dahlia LED Colour Changing Lamp in the Launch Space Bedroom

Dahlia Table Light

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The Dahlia LED light features the same technology as the Selena pendant but it's portable. The spectrum of colours and dimmable capacity means it's perfect for a bedside lamp. Not only can you choose from a range of pre-set moods such as romance and fireplace you can select cosy for when you're nodding off to wake-up light.

The round frosted glass with aluminium die cast base is super stylish and complements any room. We especially love it in our Launch space themed room for its otherworldly planet like appearance.

The colours and brightness of the lamp are controlled with a remote (supplied) which will also control any other iDual lights in the room.

  • Colour changing LED with remote
  • Dimmable with remote 
  • Height 153mm Diameter 200mm
  • Wattage: 8.5W
  • Lumens: 500
  • Guarantee: 5 Years

See the technology in action: (please note the strobing is as a result of the film. The light does not strobe when in use)