Lime Cupcake Light
Lime Cupcake Night Light
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Cupcake light
Lime cupcake nightlight

Lime Cupcake Light

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Add some zest to your room with this funky little Lime Cupcake Light. It emits a warm glow which is ideal for a night light and it can be used as a quirky table lamp in your kitchen or living room. Inspired by tea parties and summer days, the Lime Green Cupcake Light adds fun to any room.

  • Designed and made in Belgium
  • Material: Heat resistant Plastic
  • Colour: Green
  • Height, Width and Depth: 22cm
  • Lamp type: 12V low power LED
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty (once registered)
  • Safety: Do not let young children near electricity, do not use liquids near the light
  • Care: Gentle dusting
  • Please note that the model this light is made from is hand made from clay which makes each one unique and the surface may appear uneven. They are then hand painted so we can't guarantee an even colour as with mass produced products. Perfectly imperfect.....