Milky Way Blackout Blind
Milky Way Blackout Roller Blind
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Ex Showroom Milky Way Blackout Blind

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This blind was used in our photography. You'll need to get some fixings but the blind itself is in perfect condition. We can deliver for a £5 postage cost, UK only.

The Milky Way blackout blind brings the night sky indoors while keeping the room dark and perfect for bedtime. Send your little ones off to sleep dreaming about the universe and counting stars. Also available as an automatic blind to avoid cords.

  • Designed by reroom. Made in the UK.
  • Made from: Polyester
  • Colours: Black, grey
  • Length: 140cm
  • Widths: 100cm
  • For corded blinds please take care when fixing the blind to ensure the cord does not hang near a cot or bed. Our blinds come with cords that are designed to come apart when undue force is applied to the blind cords or chains. This breakaway system is easy to reassemble in the event that the cords or chains are pulled too hard, and break away accidentally in use. However every care should be taken to avoid a child getting caught. We do not recommend that cords are cut, even as a short-term solution. It is advisable that any action taken on the blind cord is a permanent one which will take the cord out of reach of children such as using a cord tidy or cleat. By cutting the cord it may render the blind inoperable or make one side longer, making it easy to get tangled for a young child or pet.